ItsOhkay : Spreading Smiles

In the book of life, every day is a new story!
ItsOhkay has its own story too.
Let's know it from the founders, how and what brought them to this idea of spreading smiles.

"Our belief in the fact - "Making others happy makes you happier" actually inspired us to bring this platform of connecting NGOs/ NPOs/ etc. with general public live.

Kanika Pasrija : 
During my first year of engineering, I asked one of my seniors about the NGOs in which I could volunteer. The recommendation which I got from her was driven by the fact that during these 4 years, I'll have to give so many exams that I'll hardly get any time for such activities. This just led me to the thought that it's not just for the college life but for the entire lifetime; I'll always be occupied with something or the other, and no matter how much I will desire to be an active social worker, I'll be bounded by some prior commitments. This inspired me to have some online medium of contributing to social welfare

Pragati Agarwal :
I had a common habit of solving others' problems. Having long phone calls to solve friends' problems was a common routine task. Later, when I met Kanika, I figured out she also had the same habit and on a discussion with her on this, we decided to have an online mentor panel where people could get their problems solved by a set of mentors. While we were working on the mentor panel, it just clicked that why will a happy person come to our website. That was the moment, that we came up with the idea of "Associations" and now here we are, running ItsOhkay driven by the idea of spreading smiles and making everyone happy.


Feel free to get in touch with Founders:

Pragati Agarwal (+91 9654388932) | Kanika Pasrija (+91 8447495001)