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Girlfriend issues

Hi, I have a girlfriend who I really love but my parents are against it. Couple of reasons: Kundli mismatch, she was in a long prior relationship which led to engagement and broke off, status mismatch. After discussing a lot with parents it's not working out. I am willing to move on but girlfriend is not. I really love her and know that I won't be happy after moving on either but my parents are just not accepting it. Please suggest
May 13 2016 09:55 am
Hey dear, right now you are at a stage of life where you'll have to take a really tough decision. You can do two things, either try to convince your parents, by telling them how you feel about your girl in a convincing manner or if you think your parents will not accept her, you can move on with your life without her and it seems the right decision to you, then you should talk to your girlfriend about it . Making her realize that sometimes separation is necessary for happiness can help you. Take care :)
May 13 2016 07:36 pm

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