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I don't know how to start this... Umm. I'll begin by saying, this is my first time in hostel, I made pretty good friends, and I made a very good friend, you can say she is my close friend ( I don't make best friends as I don't believe in this thing). Initial days we were really close, hanging out in each other's room, always sharing our thoughts, and then slowly slowly we are kind of drifting apart. She is a head strong person and I know what she wants to talk about, but the thing is I'm not that sort of a person who'll push the other individual to tell her problem till the time she feels comfortable to talk about it....... I had once dated a guy for a week, that's it and after along time we spoke and she started liking him n they started dating, and after all this she has started talking less. She hardly comes to my room these days. And more over that her roommate has a friend, so to stop their cold war, she became very close friends with her and most of the time she is with her, I feel as if she has taken my place in her life and kind a make things awkward for me. I pretend to be the way I am but from inside, it's just too difficult. It's makes me feel as if she's not the same person I met before.

Apr 03 2017 08:45 pm

First of all, I welcome you to the new world of hostel life and trust me, though this phase will be full of ups and downs but it will be a part of your most amazing moments of life. 
Coming to your problem, many times in life communication gap creates problems. One of the ways, though might sound tough to think upon is to have a conversation with your friend and sort out the misunderstandings. There is high probability that your friend also misses the connection that you once had. Express to her the value of the bond for you and moving forward without keeping any grudges will be good for both of you.smiley

Apr 04 2017 04:02 pm

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