India has talent in every corner!

Aug 13 2018 / Kanika
India has talent in every corner!

Of all the jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher”          - Maggie Gallagher

And I feel blessed to get an opportunity to interact with one of the very talented teachers of our country, Dr. Nisreen Husain. She holds the current position as the Head of Department of Zoology at Govt. Dr. W. W. Patankar Girls’P.G. Collee, Durg, Chattisgarh.

I met her on my trip to friend’s hometown. While writing about her, there is a constant smile on my face. Yes! She is such a sweet person that even a small interaction with her just made me write about her.

Generally, every child’s first ambition is to become a teacher which is dropped off later as he grows older. Besides aiming to become a teacher since childhood, Nisreen used to keenly observe her mother painting which ignited in her the spark of being an artist too. This helped her conduct several exhibitions as a painter as well as provided her assignments as an interior designer. Such a talented package she is!

Nisreen’s father wanted her to be a doctor. Though she could get through PMT exams but due to some health issues, she couldn’t take that forward. But as she says, “I don’t let problems put me down, instead I put my best in whatever I have”, she gave her best in her career and was rewarded a gold medal in her Master’s degree. Not just she contributed in numerous national and international journals, she also co-authored books in Zoology : Antioxidants : Miraculous Healers, Important Medicinal Plants with rich Antioxidant Potential, etc. It was in 2004 that her first book was published.

When I first time held the book in my hand, the feeling was no less than holding my child for the first time” . - Dr. Nisreen

Nowadays, where majority of us get tired by the study material of graduation, Nisreen wishes to study more and more. She loves keeping herself busy. For her, the biggest motivation is the fact that her students get inspired by her. And yes, not to forget, she is a career counsellor too!

Nisreen is an aunt to my friend. And the positive vibes which she gives, it makes me feel that I can call her my aunt too! I’ll definitely plan to meet her someday soon. 😊

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