Scars makes us beautiful

Jun 28 2017 / ItsOhkay
Scars makes us beautiful

Throwing back her long dark hair, she walks into the room, her posture full of confidence. Her studies and skills prove their excellence by the manner in which she welcomes her customers. The walls show her achievements in various fields and the activity in the room act as evidence to the fact that is a well-known expert. Nothing has dimmed the light in her eyes or dulled the vision of achieving greatness. The acid attack may have mutilated her face, but the charisma of her personality and the beauty of her soul still shine brightly, illuminating the lives of others around her. The only noticeable change post the incidence has been her unwavering determination and dedication to her work as a beautician.

There are many more like her, who still dare to dream and wish to fly. The ones who still want to live their dreams. The ones who brave the ridicule, rude remarks and the stares to achieve what they once wished to. The society should boost their confidence and self esteem. They must be provided opportunities and made to feel proud of themselves and their abilities. We should not clip their wings. Let them dive into the deepest oceans or climb the highest mountains. Let them fly to their heart’s content and make them believe that scars make us beautiful.

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