This too shall pass!

Apr 24 2020 / Sonali Manhas
This too shall pass!

Little disclaimer : This write-up might seem like a display of extreme privilege. I do not wish to undermine the efforts of professionals who are working relentlessly against the pandemic.I am highly proud and thankful to them. I am blessed and extremely grateful to have a roof over my head, to be able to live with my family and have home-cooked meals.  Stay home and stay safe!

I remember reading a tweet that went something like, 'Looks like Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms for messing things up'. And today, at the millionth (don't worry, it is a mere exaggeration) day of the lockdown, it feels we have messed up greatly!

In the midst of the lockdown, it is very easy to get swept up in the vortex of news, when the TV set is blaring about the danger outside. It is even easier to give in to pessimism, when WhatsApp messages are nothing but the bearers of bad (and more than often, fake) news. But in these trying times, we have to be kind and responsible. To ourselves and to others.

I cannot help but feel that this situation has pushed us to reevaluate what really matters in life. Is it hours spent on social media or the time spent with family? Is it the time spent in traffic or is it the time spent listening to the chirping of the birds? We wished for clearer skies and fresh air, empty roads and little noise. We have all of that now, but the situation is such that we cannot experience any of it. (It is for our safety that we cannot experience any of it, so please don't go wandering out!) Hopefully, this experience helps us to become better and responsible humans.

I know the times are tough. At times, it may feel like there is no silver lining. But this too shall pass. In the meantime, spend time with yourself and your family, keeping in mind the guidelines of the lockdown. Read, paint, dance or just binge watch something! Connect with old friends and have a good ol’ traditional call over the phone. Contribute and support the professionals who are at the frontlines of the fight against the pandemic. 

Stay home and be a hero!

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